About Us

Growing your business is our business

Want to grow your business but unsure of where to start? Meet BUSINESS buddy, accountancy plus business advice for the same cost as your traditional end-of-year accounting. BUSINESS buddy is a winning combination of simple to use cloud based technology and BUSINESS buddy Chartered Accountants, all packaged up in a no worries monthly fixed fee. We’re number one for business in the cloud and have already helped businesses just like yours get ahead.

BUSINESS buddy keeps you in the picture wherever you do business

With the speed of business today you need instant access to information to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Our cloud-based real time accounting means you can always see how you’re doing and easily take a long-term view. And all you need is an internet connection so you can do more on the move.

Fixed fee monthly accounting

BUSINESS buddy is available in a choice of tailored fixed fee monthly packages that combine with Xero cloud accounting to easily share information and give you advice when you need it, unlike traditional end of year accounting that kicks in after the horse has bolted.

Cloud based but down to earth

Although we’re cloud based you can expect our team to be very down to earth. Being available to you is our No.1 priority. We’re here to answer questions promptly, no matter how trivial, it’s all part of the package. Our clients trust us to help them understand their accounts so they have the information they need to make great business decisions. Your success is our priority. Read more about Cloud Business.

BUSINESS buddy – here for our client’s like a buddy would be.


BUSINESS buddy is the brainchild of Kirsten Hawke and Associates Chartered Accountants. Our team is highly skilled in technology and can quickly get you up to speed, save you lots of time and give you more control over your business and future.

All the business advice you need in one place

We always offer our clients business advice as part of our packages but our Business Advisory services provide this at a more specific and focused level. Whatever stage your business is at you face new challenges and BUSINESS buddy can help you meet these head on. Services include support in technology, HR and marketing to strategy, planning and administration, everything you need in one place.

Our Core Values

Honesty – Embrace the truth about oneself and the world
Transparency – Demonstrate openness and vulnerability
Humility – Acknowledge own mistakes and commit to learning
Integrity – Say what you think and do what you say
Socially Responsible – Be active members of our community (Learn More)

Our Core Principles

Customer Impact – We are relentless about delivering on our promise to our clients, our success only comes with their success
Innovation – Excellence in everything we do
Execution – Ownership and accountability for results, successes and failures
Fun – Approach every challenge with enthusiasm , energy and excitement, celebrate every step of the way.