What went on at Impact – The World Tour?

Kirsten Hawke

Business owners do what they do because they love the challenge, the freedom and they have a vision.
Then along comes a couple of international legends, Paul Dunn and Masami Sato who throw another element into the mix.

What went on at Impact – The World Tour?

You can and should build a successful business and empower others to do the same – without it costing a fortune.

When a whole lot of small goodness is combined, it creates a whole lot of big goodness in developing nations.  

If you’ve spent some time with BUSINESS buddy, you’ll know we support B1G1 and as of December 4, 2018 we’ve nailed 41,332 giving impacts around the world.

So, when we heard the founders of B1G1, Paul and Masami, were going on a global tour we were in – no holds barred – sponsoring a morning of eye-popping business for good.

More than 60 people joined us and other B1G1 supporters to learn more about the global movement.

There are plenty of programmes that encourage people to sponsor, give, donate…. So, what is the difference with B1G1?

Masami explained that when she was younger, she felt disenfranchised by consumerism and she shunned Japanese urbanism in preference for self-sufficient country living.

However, before long she realised her plan was flawed and she couldn’t live the life she wanted without money for things such as fuel and sake to share with neighbours.

Importantly, Masami realised that businesses provided many of the items that gave her connections to live a rewarding lifestyle.

Eventually, she found herself running a restaurant in New Zealand and unexpectedly raising a child.

Her social responsibility principles remained, and she made small donations from each sale.

The more successful her business became; the greater difference Masami could make to others.

“We can all gain more without losing anything.”

Her suggestion is for businesses to shift from being profit driven to being purpose driven.   

Business mentors

Paul Dunn and Masami have operated successful businesses and mentor others to do the same.

There’s the real B1G1 difference.

Not many charities are invested in supporting you to improve your business.

In the same manner, B1G1 has aligned itself with the United Nations sustainable development goals, which focus on tangible programmes to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Through B1G1, BUSINESS buddy contributes to sustainable development goal number 1 – no poverty, which gives people skills, resources and education to sustainably change their future.

The more success our clients enjoy – the greater impact we can have on the 836 million people who live in extreme poverty around the world.

We feel the impact of B1G1 gives us more purpose in our day and genuinely connects us with our clients.

Have a look at our Get and Give a Million programme and see if you want your business to be part of an incredible global phenomenon.,

Give us a call to find out more or visit our Impact page to learn more.

Kirsten Hawke