Walk the talk, talk the walk - Global Challenge update

Kirsten Hawke

For more than a month BUSINESS buddy has paced the pavement in its pursuit of healthiness with the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.

Walk the talk, talk the walk - Global Challenge update

Our epic journey began with one simple step and it has taken the team all over the world – some of us literally and others virtually.

The Virgin Pulse Global Challenge is all about the team getting fit and finding a balance, which gives us a lifestyle boost to ensure we’re in tip-top shape and can offer better service to our clients.

You know the saying – healthy body, healthy mind.

The first month started out gently with each of us setting personal targets and then Virgin Pulse Global Challenge threw in some super-challenges to test our dedication.

BUSINESS buddy business manager, Deidre Morgan’s first mini challenge, of 16,000 steps, was achieved on her honeymoon.

Our success depended on every team member surpassing 15,000 steps in one day and Deidre’s commitment resulted in her stomping around the sights of San Francisco, pacing airport lounges and traversing travellators.

The little work-life lesson here is all about the success of your work team depending on everyone contributing, and having a leader to keep you on task and motivated.

BUSINESS buddy head honcho, Kirsten Hawke, kept us informed of the challenge details and with a bit of good humour, we nailed the first group challenge.

What a buzz it is when we conquer the challenges to achieve bonuses for the whole team.

The Virgin Pulse Global Challenge app is used by all participants to monitor personal targets as well as daily and average step counts.

And, for those of us with a competitive streak, we can compare our performance against the team average and other teams around the globe.

Just like managing big challenges on a construction site, in an office or in any work environment – the Global Challenge reinforces that sometimes the team just has to get stuck in and get the big jobs done.

The Global Challenge is a great way reinforce the sense of commitment to team mates and achieving mutual goals.

Personal challenges

Recently, each team member had to get cracking and surpass their personal best step record.

BUSINESS buddy receptionist, Dee Whelan, went for three power walks with her husband in tow.

“My husband has been a great motivator and playing tennis with my two boys helped me achieve my target,” said Dee.

Deidre danced her way to her target at the Matakana Oyster and Wine festival while BUSINESS buddy accountant, Karen Burns, embarked on a two-hour epic walk in Highbrook.

When Karen realised she was just short of her target, she topped up her steps by pacing up and down her hallway.

That’s commitment for you.

Next step, nutrition

If only it were as simple as making one change to improve well-being.

Now we are working on our tucker intake.

The Global Challenge app contains tips and mini blogs on how to improve nutrition, with plans to improve food intake at work or on the go.

Again, like the workplace – good planning and having a contingency strategy are essential to make your business day run smoothly.

The Global Challenge considers situations, such as, the impact of being too busy for lunch, which can hinder business owners’ and staff members’ ability to focus and produce their best work.

“The nutrition module has proved really useful, helping me monitor portion size and water intake,” says Dee.

Future additions to the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge during the new few weeks include balance, sleep and focus modules.

Watch this space for BUSINESS buddy’s thoughts and comments about the team’s progress in the next steps of the transforming ourselves into super-business advisors.




Kirsten Hawke