Team work produces golden glory

Kirsten Hawke

Last month, all eyes were on the Gold Coast and the 21st Commonwealth Games.

The jaw dropping performances by the Black Ferns sevens, Sophie Pascoe, Tom Walsh and the women’s Black Sticks left us all in awe.

But like in business, exceeding expectations can never be taken for granted.

Here at BUSINESS buddy we recognise the importance of a great coaching and a strong team.

Whether it is a national sports team or a small business, the principals of success are the same.

Team work produces golden glory

Lead by example

Behind every great team is an equally great coach.

Managing a team requires an array of talents and a substantial knowledge of the field.

Managers and coaches work with individuals to motivate and discipline them.

Their instructions need to be communicated effectively and they must anticipate the condition of their team.

Of special importance is a manager's ability to make intelligent decisions.

As a prerequisite, managers need to earn the respect of their team by leading them competently.

It takes a special kind of person to be both a compassionate coach and a stern leader.

Hard work, training and investment pays off

Always work hard to improve.

However, you don’t need to work endlessly or be born brilliant.

While raw talent is a prerequisite, great training and investment is what generates results.

For New Zealand to become a noteworthy nation in Commonwealth sports, on-going financial support is needed.

High performance New Zealand has more than one hundred world class specialists in key areas which combine to promote winning performances.

In business it is important to recognise when to collaborate, seek advice from fellow professionals and make investments, for example, when developing marketing strategy or resolving HR problems or expanding.

Team spirit

BUSINESS buddy knows first -hand the strength and success that is gained from being part of an awesome team.

It is win-win for both staff and clients.

The best teams in the world strive for a culture of excellence.

When in business it is important to pick a great team and get familiar with them.

Communicate well.

Learn about the team’s strengths and weaknesses, habits and styles, which is the best way to develop strong working relationships.

This week, on Radio NZ Sport New Zealand's talent consultant, Alex Chiet, said young sports stars are specialising too soon and the resources are not spread among all players.

This risks burnout with those who show talent at a young age and overlooking other players who will be stars when they are older.

It may pay to look around your work team and identify who has unrealised potential.

When things go wrong

Don’t give up.

While some athletes basked in medal success in Australia, others under-performed.

For the first time ever in Commonwealth history, the Silver Ferns failed to make the podium.

Their poor performance was put down to a rift between players and coaching staff.

And, like sports teams, businesses may also go through peaks and troughs with finance and staffing issues.

By seeking external advice to refine your game plan and build a strong team culture, you will be back on top in no time.

Planning for the future

Every successful business needs a robust long term business plan.

Like sport, businesses must never stand still and hope for one-off moments of brilliance.

Planning is the key.

Give your BUSINESS buddy a call now and get your game plan up to speed.

Kirsten Hawke