Money Power Master Class

Jatin Patel

BUSINESS buddy knows the power of continual learning and self-improvement, so on hearing about the upcoming Money Power Master Class, being held later this month, we were eager to learn more.

Money Power Master Class

The action packed and informative day is hosted by Robin Banks and Don Ha, and BUSINESS buddy will be there for the ride.

Robin Banks is one of the world’s leading authorities on Mind Power and the protégé of international best-selling author John Kehoe.

Don Ha is a property extraordinaire and has signed more than a billion dollars’ worth of real estate.

Together they will explain how to:

·         Make money from property

·         Make an additional income on top of your everyday salary

·         Break through your money mindset and the self-belief barrier

·         Deal with financial stress, tough times and hitting a brick wall

·         Reach your peak performance

·         Become the top one per cent and make it a habit

The master class is at the Intercontinental Hotel Wellington – 9am, Saturday June 22, 2019 and the Pullman Hotel Auckland – 1pm, Sunday June 23, 2019.

Early bird pricing before June 10, 2019 is $39 per person and after June 10, 2019 $59 per person.

For more information and to book your place click here.

See you there!

Jatin Patel