IMPACT – The World Tour. Last few days to get your tickets

Kirsten Hawke

BUSINESS buddy knows you won’t believe this, but our next gig is going to be bigger, better and even more inspiring.

IMPACT – The World Tour. Last few days to get your tickets

You must join us at IMPACT – The World Tour to discover how your business can implement simple and powerful ideas to impact your team and your customers and, importantly, to create and live an inspiring legacy.

In 2017, many of you experienced the energy of pocket dynamo, Paul Dunn and in November 2018 he’s returning to New Zealand with B1G1 (Buy1GIVE1) co-founder Masami Sato.

Between the pair they have racked up six TEDx speaker spots and the 2018 wold tour is the first time they’ve presented together in 11 years.

What makes this business event different?

Motivation comes from an array of sources and a key driver for many people is the knowledge that what they do makes a real difference for others.

BUSINESS buddy supports the global giving initiative B1G1 which has helped businesses in 43 countries create more than 160 million giving impacts.

We know that at IMPACT – The Global Tour you will:

ü  Learn how your business can really transform the world while thriving and growing in ways that surprise you.

ü  Learn how to re-design even your tiniest business processes to make a HUGE difference in results.

ü  Come away with practical and implementable actions to put real, meaningful impact right at the heart of every business activity.

ü  Understand the steps to 'rinse and repeat' and build systems that absolutely delight your team and customers alike.

ü  Discover practical ideas to create a strong giving culture so that your business attracts and retains great talent.

ü  Connect with other business leaders who are also seeking ways to make a real difference in the world.

ü  Start taking actions on the issues you care about so that you can actually live a legacy as well as leave one.

The Speakers

Leading giving businesses, led by TEDx speaker Paul Dunn and best-selling author Masami Sato.

The Participants

Business owners and their guests who want to create a great impact

The Place

Rydges Auckland, 59 Federal Street, Cnr Kingston Street, Central City Auckland 1010

The Date

Tuesday November 27, 2018

The Time

8:10am to 1.00pm

Book your seat now or give BUSINESS buddy a call for more information, phone 0800 283 399.

Kirsten Hawke