How to make websites sizzle

Kirsten Hawke

BUSINESS buddy team has discovered a new techy tool that will show you how to make your website grab potential clients by the eyeballs.

How to make websites sizzle

If you are in e-commerce or understand how important your website is to build your business – you must read on.

How on earth do we know where our website visitors are ogling?

Heatmapper is a clever tool that lets you see exactly what each visitor does when they hit your web page and instantly see when, where and why they leave the page.

You can eye-spy on website visitors, observe their viewing patterns and tailor your website to gain optimum sales and engagement.

BUSINESS buddy investigated how Heatmapper works and how you can use Heatmapper to boost your business.

What does Heatmapper show?

Heatmapper software contains real-time visitor recordings and heat maps.

A heat map isn’t a new thing, its been used in science for hundreds of years, most recently in the daily weather reports.

An online heat map uses eye-tracking and colours to show where a person has looked on your website.

It uses warm-to-cool colour spectrums to show you which parts of a page receive the most attention.

Heatmapper allows you to establish the most and least popular parts of your website by seeing where visitors’ eyes are drawn to on certain areas on a web page.

Heatmapper is so clever that it can even show you how far down the page users have scrolled.

For just $47 per month (excluding GST) you can identify where users tend to drop off can be very useful and tweaking your website to remedy this can increase future sales and engagement. 

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Kirsten Hawke