How to be mortgage free and retirement ready

Kirsten Hawke

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How to be mortgage free and retirement ready

During the last 10 years, enableMe has helped hundreds of Kiwis get rid of their mortgages and set themselves up for a bright financial future.

EnableMe founder, Hannah McQueen, is presenting a 60-minute seminar at 6pm on Thursday August 30 at St Kentigern College, Pakuranga.

She will share her insights into the financial behaviours holding Kiwis back – and how it is possible to achieve financial freedom within 10 years.

You will learn:

·         The truth about money

·         Why budgeting alone won’t result in financial freedom

·         How the fritter factor is holding you back

·         How to become mortgage-free faster

·         Understanding the property market and if investment property is right for you

·         Strategies that anyone can use to grow their wealth

·         How to sort your retirement once and for all

Hannah will also share examples of enableMe clients that have used her methods to achieve financial freedom sooner than they ever thought possible.

Hannah is an engaging and motivating presenter, so come along and be inspired.

Tickets are limited so click here to secure your seat now.

Kirsten Hawke