Get your affairs sorted before Christmas

Kirsten Hawke

Have you ever stopped to think where would your family and next-of-kin start if the worst happens?

Get your affairs sorted before Christmas

Get your affairs sorted before Christmas

Have you ever stopped to think where would your family and next-of-kin start if the worst happens?

We all know we should have our affairs documented and in order, but we are often sluggish about establishing good systems to manage personal wills, bank accounts, insurances, trusts and mortgages.

And, operating bespoke business systems with essential passwords will be tricky for someone else to access and understand without the boss on hand.

What would happen if you were involved in a serious incident rendering you unable to work and pay your mortgage?

Or worse still, if you or your partner died unexpectedly without a will?

Accidents and untimely deaths do happen and when they do, we find that the more people’s affairs are in order – the less stress is put on you and your family to make urgent decisions.

To minimise distress, BUSINESS buddy has a Life Organiser package to organise that stuff in the when I get around to it pile and remove unnecessary worry.

The Life Organiser is a structured central register for you to complete, covering a raft of personal, financial, property, insurance and business matters that require documenting and storing securely.

Benefits of the Life Organiser:

  • Saves time and angst with a central register to collate all information and documentation
  • Ensures that your personal details and final wishes are documented
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re prepared should something unexpected happen

You’ll need to do some background work to gain maximum benefit from BUSINESS buddy’s Life Organiser.

Making and updating your will

Making a will is a topic many people don’t like to talk about and you may think that when you are gone, what happens afterwards is not your problem.

However, the reality is money can change people and dying without a will can tear families apart.

When your personal circumstances change, such as a relationship break-up, a new partner, blended families or you are nearing retirement, it is important to update your will.

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, meaning that not creating or updating your will can have devastating effects for your spouse and any children or stepchildren.

The beneficiaries may not be those who you would want to receive your estate and then your will could be contested, which is emotionally stressful, time consuming and lines the pockets of lawyers.

Your business

As business owner, have you thought about what would happen to your business if you died suddenly?

A good succession plan should include working with staff, business partners and maybe another family member if they will take over the business someday.

Then, your life’s work can continue in the capable hands of the right person, with minimal disruption.

Employees will be more reassured when they know there is a robust plan in place for them.

In an era of skilled staff shortages, employment stability is an important factor to improve staff retention.

Insurance cover

BUSINESS buddy is not an insurance company, but we do recommend people review if they have life insurance in place.

Your business should be protected against the worst to minimise disruption to operations.

Your income, life and home should be protected to adequately provide for your beneficiaries in your will or trust.

Keeping your family in the loop

Once your will is complete and the correct insurance policies are in place, it is integral that they are stored correctly and family members or your next-of-kin knows where to locate this information should they need it.

You should provide them with essential contact details such as the name of your accountant and solicitor, in case of an emergency.

Even giving a trusted person the password to your smart phone is a good idea as most of us carry all our contacts in these devices now.

You should inform next-of-kin that you have BUSINESS buddy’s Life Organiser package where your important documentation is stored safely and securely.

Benefits of the Life Organiser:

  • Ensures your insurance cover is in accordance with your needs and can be accessed readily
  • Security knowing that a backup of all your documents is stored with us
  • Continuous access to experienced service and support from our team, who will help you review your Life Organiser at any time
  • Less distress for family when dealing with your affairs should you become unable to

The Life Organiser is a cost-effective central register for you to confidently capture and store your important personal information and documentation.

So, for peace of mind and assurance that your affairs are in order, contact BUSINESS buddy today – phone 0800 283 399 to discuss Life Organiser further.


Kirsten Hawke