Get and give a million – what the?

Kirsten Hawke

Imagine giving people in a developing country 18250 days access to clean water just from your business being a success.

Get and give a million – what the?

This is exactly what BUSINESS buddy clients Michelle and Murray from Bellroy Construction did through the Get and Give A Million initiative. (Michelle and Murray’s story coming to a blog near you, soon.)

Get and Give A Million is a free initiative that helps businesses and developing communities around the globe.

BUSINESS buddy is making life better for their clients, their businesses and in turn, their nearest and dearests.

“Our aspiration is to make one million dollars additional profit for our clients, through business growth and improvements. This is the get a million part,” says Kirsten Hawke, BUSINESS buddy head honcho.

“And, we’re helping our clients bring purpose and meaning to their businesses though giving.”

By using small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as a real force for good, you can create more of a legacy for your business by supporting the UN’s Global Goals. This is the give a million part.

The aim is to create a million micro-impacts, such as supplying 100 days of learning materials to vulnerable children, in countries all over the world, including New Zealand.

So, when Michelle and Murray give access to clean water, Get and give a million creates a community of like-minded businesses changing the world for the better.

Book an appointment with BUSINESS buddy now and become part of the win-win Get and give a million campaign.

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Kirsten Hawke