Get and Give a Million - Michelle and Murray’s story

Kirsten Hawke

Michelle and Murray from Bellroy Construction are having a cracker of a year and their hard work with support from BUSINESS buddy has made life better for their business, their confidence, and their nearest and dearest.

Get and Give a Million - Michelle and Murray’s story

Bellroy Construction has achieved a whopping $37,000 growth in profit in the last quarter, compared to the same period last year.

Their success has funded people in a developing country access to clean water for 18250 days through the Get and Give a Million initiative.

But wait – there’s more.

They have also managed to spend well-earned quality time with their family by spending time together go karting and cruising around the Pacific.

 “We highly recommend BUSINESS buddy, which has had a huge impact on our business and personal growth,” says Michelle Hickson.

“We love that BUSINESS buddy gives back to the community and we are really grateful that we are able to help other people.

“We met Kirsten at a business course for trades people and she was immediately approachable and knowledgeable. Knowing BUSINESS buddy specialises in business advising and accountancy for trades people gave us confidence that they understood our needs.”

When working with BUSINESS buddy Michelle has learnt more about managing the family construction company.

With instantly accessible information, they have their finger on the pulse with profitability, cash flow and productivity.

Murray can focus on revenue generating construction roles while she manages accountancy work and monitors financial performance.

“Kirsten gets us, and she speaks in plain English. She genuinely wants to help us and our business – no matter what size it is. I feel like I matter.”

We’re sharing Michelle and Murray’s inspiring story because we want you to become part of a community of like-minded businesses changing the world for the better.

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Kirsten Hawke