BLOG: Money, money, money

Kirsten Hawke

Loot, dosh, cash, dollars, money, moola, coin… call it what you will but when there’s none in your pocket and none in the bank, it means one word – trouble.

The holiday season is a time when many businesses find cashflow diminishes to a trickle and it is the perfect occasion for BUSINESS buddy to advise entrepreneurs on how to unblock the dam.

BLOG: Money, money, money

We are excited to invite you to brush up on your cashflow skills and this is an opportunity you can’t miss.

You’ll find out so much at BUSINESS buddy’s cashflow management  on February 19, 2018 that you’ll have the tools to provide stability and growth for your company.

No more stressing about holiday pay.

No more flinching when you check the bank balance.

No more frustrations over late payments.

You, your employees, your clients and your family will all benefit from the cashflow management workshop.

Within two hours you’ll develop the confidence to take on new opportunities and achieve those goals your setting for the New Year.

Book now and start the year with tangible financial freedom.

Cashflow management

$75 +GST

Monday February 19, 2018



35 Allens Road

East Tamaki Auckland

Kirsten Hawke