BLOG:It’s official, we’re award-winning accountants

Kirsten Hawke

Our head honcho has been away attending the ThePac 2016, the Panalitix accountants’ conference and came home with a prize – the most innovative accounting business.
Whoop, whoop!

BLOG:It’s official, we’re award-winning accountants

More than 500 people attended the Gold Coast shindig, mostly Australians, but with a few Kiwis, Brits, Danes and Americans thrown in.

Worldwide, there are about 750 accounting firms that are Panalitix subscribers, so it’s a big deal.

Eight awards are awarded each year:

  • Most innovative accounting business
  • Community contribution by an accounting business
  • Service excellence in an accounting business
  • Best client results in an accounting business
  • Best accounting business to work in
  • Rising star accounting business
  • Business advisor of the year
  • Accounting business of the year.

This year, the conference was all about technology – how today’s accounting firms need to embrace technology to keep up with the changing times.

Business Buddy is pretty experienced when it comes to technology, the more innovative the better.

As a result, we are pleased as punch that we have won the most innovative accounting business award.

The award recognises an accounting business that does things differently or that is revolutionising traditional accounting practice methods.

Sounds like an accurate description of Business Buddy – and the judging panel agreed.

To make it even more special, Business Buddy was the only New Zealand firm to receive an award at ThePac 2016.

Go us!

To get in touch with an award winning accountant, give Business Buddy  a call today.

Kirsten Hawke