Admin filing on payday

Kirsten Hawke

Be prepared and develop tidy payday habits, now.
The IRD is contacting all employers to ensure they are up-to-speed on the changes that require PAYE returns to be filed every payday, instead of completing the Employer monthly schedule (IR348).

Admin filing on payday

The new requirement comes into force April 2019 and the IRD is encouraging all employers to implement the changes now.

The due date for payment remains the same at the 20th of the month (or 5th and 20th of the month for twice-monthly filers).

Companies can use a payroll returns account through myIR rather than ir-File to:

  • Upload a file which requires payday filing compatible software, or
  • Complete an onscreen data entry

You'll need to let IRD know you've shifted to payday filing by opting in through your myIR account before you can see or use this account.

There may be some hiccups when setting this up and BUSIENSS buddy recommends you get started now.

There are payday filing seminars being held throughout New Zealand from late October to early November and you need to register here.

Some already have waiting lists so get in quick if you manage payroll for a company.

Use payday filing compatible software

If you are uncertain about managing your company payroll, which can be a legislative quagmire, we strongly recommend you use a cloud-based system such as SmartPayroll.

They are all over the new admin requirements and can leave you to get on with the money making while get send the right data to IRD at the right time.

There is more IRD payday filing information here as well as some video tutorials.

Contact BUSINESS buddy if you need more guidance.

Kirsten Hawke