5 tips to improve Google ranking for websites

Kirsten Hawke

Gone are the days of getting attention via traditional news stories and static websites that are more likely to gather cobwebs rather than web search results.

5 tips to improve Google ranking for websites

Now, we live in a search and scroll society, where our average attention span is eight seconds – about the same time as it takes to tie our shoelaces.

There are 3.5 billion search queries on Google each day.

That’s 40,000 searches every second.

A massive 80 per cent of Google searchers only click on the organic (or unpaid) search results rather than the paid adverts at the top or bottom of the page.

Tragically, only four per cent of people who search Google make it to the second page and hence, if you want your website to be found – it is vital your website pops up on page one of the results.

Tip 1 to improve Google ranking – Use original content

Google algorithms are designed to reward brands for providing original, compelling content people want to engage with.

Filling your pages with generic, paid content will hinder rather than boost your rankings.

Social media companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn penalise content that has been simply copied and paste from another source.

One of the simplest ways to improve rankings is by seeding content. 

Create an original piece of content to use on a website, and then break it down into small posts and tweak it slightly to use in a relevant manner on various social media platforms.

Tip 2 to improve Google ranking - Use keywords in your content

Improving your ranking in search engines is achieved by using keywords in your content.

Begin by selecting approximately ten words that relate to the piece of content you are preparing.

For example, if you have a residential construction company consider the words people would be most likely to use when searching for a builder. It could be; builder, Howick, certified, tradesman, etc.

The next step is to test these words through online tools such as MOZ Keywords, Ubersuggest, Google Adwords and Keywordtool.io, to see how they rank against other words and topics.

You can also see what time of the year people most frequently search for the topic and the volume of Google searches and competition for those words.

The keywords must appear in the title, heading, sub-headings, video titles and metadata. 

Tip 3 to improve Google ranking – Use video and audio

Text based content has seen a slump in recent years because humans love to have their senses stimulated hence the rise in popularity of video and audio content.

Podcasts have seen a recent resurgence, and they are simple and easy way to promote your message.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to create great online visual content.

Online tools such as Promo, allow you to create and edit quality videos in a matter of minutes.

Photographs and videos containing faces are always more popular than landscapes or objects.

By keeping content real and authentic but not longwinded and boring, helps to create integrity and develops trust, which boosts Google and social media rankings.

Tip 4 to improve Google ranking - Use quizzes and games in your content

How long a person stays on your website is important.

One way you can increase visitor engagement is by adding quizzes or games to your website or piece of content.

Lead Quizzes is an online tool that offers a wide selection of quizzes and games that can be purchased for your content.

Tip 5 to improve Google ranking - Use backlinks

Backlinks are links people click on from other places that direct people to a website. For example, a builder’s listing on the Master Builders’ website should link back to the builder’s website.

Backlinks make a huge impact on a websites prominence in search engine results

You can earn backlinks from other higher-ranking sites and when people share your content. 

The more influential the organisation, the more Google realises your website is an authority on the topic you are covering

Google then elevates your content higher up the search results.

Improving Google ranking is an ever-changing game, but above all else – good information and content that is relevant to your target audience or market is essential.

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Kirsten Hawke